Now in secure!

As you might have noticed, since tonight my blog is delivered via https.

During migration there were some issues with content, which was still delivered unsafely by my domain as well as by Youtube. This was fixed by now.

On much older pages further back there will still be a few pictures or non-Youtube videos, which are not loaded via https, which can lead to a hint in the browser. However, I will not fix that issue shortly or at all – it is not really worth the necessary effort for the migration, since unfortunately a lot more is needed than a simple exchange of “http: //” by “https: // “. :/

In the next few days or even weeks, depending on how I get to it, I will tackle a few other remaining ToDos, mostly backend related stuff, so nobody should notice (xD).

After all, I intend to revive my blog. I am strained to see what is going to happen. đŸ˜€

Stay tuned!

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