Sorry, only-German-speaking Readers…

…but I had to write this post in English.

This post is considered to be a petition to Jürgen Klinsmann, the current team chief of the German national football team.

Jürgen, Mr. Klinsmann, on behalf of the German people, I beg you to stay. I beg you to complete the work you have begun. You have introduced a brand new team, in which no one has put trust at first. But your team has proven that it is more than reliable. We all have seen great football, football we never expected to be played that well by a German football team.
Honestly, I, as well as many other fellows in this country, see, how much you and your team has gained in this world cup 2006 in Germany. I can still hear the people saying „aaah, the German team will not come into quarter“. But I can’t hear anyone saying „they won’t make it to the final round.“
Actually, the team didn’t make it, but I think you have seen the support you nevertheless earned.

I, as the rest of the German people, ask you again to stay. Please continue to employ the Teamgeist you and your team have begun to employ!
I only can say: I trust. In your team, in your spirit, in your way!

A few last words: I think no one has earned so much self-confidence in this country as you and your team have. You (that means the whole German national team as well as all trainers, supporters and so on) made us proud. Proud of a German team which played football we all didn’t expect from a German team since World Cup 2002 or Europe Cup 2004.

I know, I’m repeating myself, but please stay Chief of the German team. You all have gained – once again – respect of a whole nation!

Mr Klinsmann:
I know you have family you DO have to talk with, first. And I DO respect your decision, no matter what it would mean for our team and us (the fans).
We love you all. We love your team, we are grateful for all you have done. Please don’t leave us now!

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