Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith

Finally I got the time necessary and the opportunity to watch Star Wars Episode III.

Allthough the movie outguns episode I and II considered storyline, visual effects and depth of the dialogs I still have plenty to complain about.
Compared to episodes IV-VI where every character has its own, sensible personality, most of the characters in episodes I-III aren’t really worked out, seem shallow and simply bland.
Interesting cross-talks between Sith and Jedi during light sabre fights are completely missing all over episodes I-III.

In my opinion, George Lucas simply focused too much on visual effects than on the storyline itself. There are plenty of battles – but mostly these are just battles, completely lacking dialogs, just showing colorful laser pulses and well-designed androids – which, naturally, are as stupid as a dead rat.

Let’s take a look on R2D2 – doesn’t it seem slightly illogical, that he has the ability to use his thrusters to fly around in episode III, whereas he needs to be „forced“ around in episodes IV-VI?
Another look at Palpatine. Yes, he is evil. Yes, he has huge powers. But why does he grow older, when he uses the dark-side-of-the-force-flashes on himself (because reflected on himself by a light sabre), but when he uses them on others, they don’t? Why is he just gaggling insanely all the time while fighting against Yoda, leaving the impression that he’s just a crazy lunatic, whereas in episodes IV-VI he embodies a power-hungry, ruthless but highly intelligent Master of the dark side of the Force?

These are just some of the things I don’t like at episodes I-III.

On the other hand, episode III still has some advantages compared to the other episodes.
The splitted personality of Anakin Skywalker, for example, reaches its climax in episode III (just as expected, but still on some surprising manner).
It’s clear, that Yoda is the most powerful of all Jedi, but in episode III you can literally feel this matter of fact – and even feel with him, when most of the Jedi get slaughtered down.

So much about Star Wars. I still like episodes IV-VI best, but honestly they wouldn’t be complete without episodes I-III. 🙂

Just let’s hope the next George Lucas movie is not like the last three ones 😉

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